Download USB Drivers

Find any USB Drivers you need. Enter the model in the device.

Get Free Help

You can get free help from our Forum.

Firmware Guides

We have every Stock rom and related Guide

Donwload Firmware

Type your device Model and get your Rom

How to Find my Phone Model

Their are some ways to check this.

  • apps –> setting -> About Us.
  • if you have removable battery, then you can see the Model number after removing battery.
  • If you have lastet samsung device, then you can check it from back side of the phone.

How to Download My Stock Firmware

you can download your Stock firmware from this page. just enter the Model number of your phone

How can i get Seperated Guide for my phone

We have Dedicated Flasing Guides for lot of devices. you can find it rom this page. just enter the Model number of your phone

I want Custom Rom For my phone

We only Give you Stock Firmwares. if you want custom ROM, then you have to get it from outside of trendyport

I want Help. Can you give me help?

Yes. You can get help from our Forum. Just type your problem with details

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